Identify and recognise competencies.



You can now convert the experience of your personnel into a degree in order to:

  • upgrade the visit card of your sales persons by a university title that mirrors their knowledge of your products or of the professional sector to which your clients belong, or attenuate the mercenary image of a specialist of "sales force" of "commercial action",

  • earn for your export manager the respect of some Asian counterparts who are in adoration for their boss' Thailandese MBA and never heard of INSEAD, Bocconi or ESADE,

  • intice your experts into not ignoring the tools of "knowledge management" but rather seriously analyse and declare the knowledge and competencies that they developped in their service and are unknown by the HR department,


  • improve the employability of your personnel without sending them to learn again what they already know or learn what they will not use,

  • gratify a competent and meritant secretary to whom you cannot unfortunately grant any increase,

  • give an incentive and a personal interest in the success of the competencies process,

  • facilitate the reading of Latin, Saxon or Slavic résumés by the HR department of foreign subsidiaries and ease mobility within the international group,

  • increase loyalty by a proof of recognition, while simultaneaously facilitate future separations and reducing the costs of outplacement,

  • Appreciated incentive

    UMI (Corporate Contact) allows you to offer to your personnel a university degree for less than a one or two weeks training, for the price of one or two days of a consultant.

  • develop self-satisfaction and therefore insurance and professionalism,

  • inflate motivation, feeling of recognition and improve social climate...

UMI (Corporate Contact) can also apply a collective tariff.

Another service proposed by UMI is assistance in analysing competencies and gathering a competencies portfolio, for example to introduce a VAE request before a French university.