The degree without career interruption.



Through the monography option the Université Multiculturelle Internationale allows its candidates to directly submit their thesis, book or dissertation, without the obligation to first attend a schoolyear (after agreement by an admission commission), therefore without abandoning the professional responsibilities.

Through the accreditation of prior learning (APL) and individual study it directly applies a process of competencies assessment based on the VAE, already quite common in France and beginning to rise interest in other countries, using more competencies referentials (catalogues like the Répertoire Opérationnel des Métiers et Emplois) than training referentials (teaching programs).


UMI offers a free evaluation upon simple reception of a curriculum vitae, accompagnied with the title of the degree hoped for, to the Evaluation Service. UMI career consultant proceed to the extraction of the knowledges presented in the curriculum vitae, and to the transcription of the activities exposed, into used competencies. Therefore UMI spares the candidate from having to proceed himself to the study of his competencies and from spending several months gathering a voluminous explicative and analytic file, this famous "booklet #2", not foreseen by the law, that got generalised in order to reassure university staff and to justify several months of charged accompaniment. UMI presents then to the candidate a disgnostic on the correspondence between the competencies according to the résumé and the degree applied for, together with a concrete proposal (sometimes slightly different from the initial wish) and a list of proofs (documents) to authenticate the career presented in the résumé. After acceptation of the proposal and sending of the authentication proofs by the candidate, UMI issues him the degree according to the following tariffs:


In 2017, UMI must still be the only institution to issue a European diploma supplement unique to each graduate rather than an identical one for a whole cohorte. Indeed, the supplement prepared by UMI is not based on a theorical program of study ins the institution, but on the inventory of knowledges and competencies noticed and verified in the graduate, while still following of course the standard presentation than insures the universality of the supplement.


  • higher certificate (60 ECTS) : 1100 euros,
  • higher diploma (120 ECTS) : 1300 euros,
  • bachelor (180 ECTS) : 1800 euros,
  • bachelor with honours (240 ECTS) : 2100 euros,
  • master or engineer (300 ECTS) : 2400 euros,
  • professional doctorate (360 ECTS) : 2700 euros,
  • honorary doctorate : 2700 euros,
  • research doctorate or Ph. doctorate (480 ECTS) : 3000 euros.

Thus, after demonstration of his knowledge and competencies, the future graduate choses the exact title of his degree in his discipline, with the help of education specialists to ensure a perfect lisibility and recognition of his degree. Then UMI establishes a personalised diploma supplement, meaning one that describes extacly and only the knowledges and competencies of the graduate. Eligible disciplines are all arts and sciences besides regulated (controlled) professions.